Els més populars a nivell mundial són:

L'ordre està basat en les puntuacions dels membres de BAM!.

1 SETI@Home Production Look for radio evidence of extraterrestrial life
2 World Community Grid Production Runs multiple sub-projects that focus on humanitarian research including HIV/AIDS, cancer, dengue fever, malaria, or developing more nutritious rice and affordable clean energy.
3 Einstein@Home Production Search for gravitational signals emitted by pulsars
4 Rosetta@Home Production Help researchers develop cures for human diseases
5 WUProp@Home Alpha
6 MilkyWay@home Alpha MilkyWay@Home tries to study the gravitational potential of the Milky way.
7 Climate Prediction Production Study climate change
8 PrimeGrid Beta Search for mega primes and special form numbers
9 LHC@Home Classic Production Improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator
10 Collatz Conjecture Alpha Do research in mathematics, specifically testing the Collatz Conjecture also known as 3x+1 or HOTPO (half or triple plus one).
11 Cosmology@Home Alpha Search for the model that best describes our Universe and find the range of models that agree with the available astronomical and particle physics data.
12 POEM@HOME Alpha POEM@Home (Protein Optimization with Energy Methods) researches protein structures.
13 Malaria Control Production Simulate Effects of Malaria and its Control. (We are not really to find a cure, e.g. by looking for new drugs)
14 Asteroids@home Alpha
15 Enigma@Home Alpha Try to decipher an original message sent via the Enigma in WW2.
16 yoyo@home Beta yoyo@home brings existing distributed computing projects to the BOINC world using the BOINC Wrapper technology.
17 SIMAP Production Protein sequence comparison to support manifold biological research
18 SETI@Home Beta Beta Test project for SETI@Home
19 GPUGRID Alpha Do full-atom molecular dynamics simulations and other scientific applications.
20 theSkyNet POGS Alpha