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How to run properly

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 20:15
Discover how to run properly and improve your running technique with expert advice.

Mars on the cheap: Scientists working to revolutionize access to the Red Planet

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 20:05
An increasing number of researchers are blueprinting low-cost and novel ways to further explore the Red Planet.

Bright lava flows, smoke pour from La Palma volcano eruption in new Landsat photos

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 20:04
New satellite images of an active volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma capture vivid streams of lava pouring down the coastal mountain range and nearing the Atlantic Ocean.

Running to lose weight: How it really works

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 19:18
If you're running to lose weight, here's all the help you'll need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

How often should you work out?

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 18:36
How often should you work out? We break down expert advice.

Boy dies from rare 'brain-eating' amoeba found in splash pad at Texas park

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 17:47
Water from the splash pad tested positive for Naegleria fowleri.

Treadmill vs running outside

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 17:38
We break down the facts on running on the treadmill vs running outside.

'Crocodile-faced hell heron' dinosaur discovered in England

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 17:09
Two toothy carnivorous dinosaurs with crocodile-type skulls once stalked the riverbanks on England's Isle of Wight, new fossils reveal.

Byzantine warrior with gold-threaded jaw unearthed in Greece

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 15:23
Archaeologists have found the head of a warrior decapitated by the Ottomans in the 14th century.

Secret cave chamber may be one of the last Neanderthal hideouts

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 12:40
A cave chamber sealed off by sand for some 40,000 years has been discovered in Vanguard Cave in Gibraltar — a finding that could reveal more about the Neanderthals who lived in the area around that time.